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Hey Coaches and Staff! Are you tired of juggling travel arrangements for your team on top of everything else? Let us take the load off and make your life easier with Peak Sports Travel.

Our one-stop-shop approach allows us to handle all your travel needs, so you can focus on your job of growing athletes as individuals and players. From flights and ground transportation to hotel accommodations, we’ve got you covered.

We also offer easy and efficient billing options to cover all the costs for lodging needs. No more worrying about putting your credit card down for hotels or buses individually. With our system, you can send one efficient billing invoice for payment, making everything hassle-free.

Our goal is to make your life easier and help your team perform at their best. So why not let us take care of your team’s travel needs? Contact us today and let’s work together to make your next trip a success!

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Travel Organizer

Peak Sports Travel is a one-stop shop for every team’s travel needs. Our staff will work with coaches/team leaders to organize their team’s trip through our highly sophisticated system and we will provide a customized website for each specific group. The organizer will also have the ability to send web links to their players so getting the proper information, signing up, and making payments can all be done in one convenient place.

Team Events

Peak Sports Travel will set up a team event page for you. We will set up an event page for each of the tournaments your club/organization is attending. This will provide all the information your players/family members need about the tournament and travel arrangements to the event. Also, players/family members will have the ability to book travel arrangements directly on the team event page.

Activities Guide

Why not get out and have some fun when you’re done with your games? Many of these tournaments are in areas that offer many exciting things to do and see. You’ll also be able to check out opportunities for team building activities in the area. Want to find good restaurants nearby? We’ll have all that information for you as well. Reach out to us today to learn more!


Peak Sports Travel can negotiate the best possible rate. We can negotiate the best possible rates and room blocks for your team’s trip to the next tournament and provide you with a team event page for your players/family members to book their accommodations. We’ll set up all of your lodging so you don’t have to. You can focus on leading your team to victory, while we focus on finding the perfect accommodations for your team and their families.


Peak Sports Travel takes care of flight organization. We carry the daunting task of research group flights, keep track of deadline/payment schedules, provide names to airlines, and keep track of tickets. Let our staff take this weight off your shoulders and do all the hard work for you. Through years of experience, we know all the ins and outs to make this process simple and easy for you as coaches/team leaders.


Peak Sports Travel can make the transportation needs for your team. Whether you are looking for a charter bus, 12/15 pax vans, mini-vans, or just your basic car rental, we can provide you with the best prices and organize this part of the trip for your team and family members. In addition, you can add ground transportation to your team event page so that players/family members to book their own transportation directly.


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