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RC Blues Blues Lacrosse

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RC Blues Lacrosse

 The RC Lacrosse Club was established in 2004 and since its inception has provided the highest quality coaching and the most advanced playing opportunity in the West.  Our family consists of competitive RC HIGH SCHOOL teams at the Grade 9-12 level, an RC SELECT team at the Grade 8 level and RC BLUES teams at the Grade 4-7 levels that play in competitive tournaments during the Summer and Fall/Winter seasons.


At 8,150 feet above sea level, the Vail Lacrosse Tournament is the only national youth lacrosse tournament in Vail, CO. The tournament includes Under -11, Under-13, Under-15 and High School divisions. The tournament has expanded to include a girls tournament, which is growing in popularity. Teams travel from all over the US and Canada to compete in this elite tournament and enjoy the amenities of Vail, Colorado. In fact of the teams travel from outside of Colorado. The tournament is all about the kids. Our goal is for the players to play competitive, fun lacrosse and to continue the tradition of playing lacrosse in Vail. Do you love Colorado?

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